Since the original live webinar of March 5th had so many technical issues, Raymond will be doing another set of interviews with Tony and Kevin that will be pre-recorded and sent to registrants on March 27th along with all the bonus materials described below.


& NDEs

Dr. Tony Cicoria & Kevin Braheny Fortune


*recorded discussion with Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Tony Cicoria, and Kevin Fortune about their NDEs and the musical after effects.

*the chance to submit one question or comment to our presenters that will be answered in a recorded interview in late March.

*recorded discussion with Dr. Debra Diamond, author of Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers about the common after effects.

*links to podcasts about this topic by Dr. Amy Robbins.

*blog article and video from David Ditchfield, an NDEer, author of the upcoming book SHINE ON, whose paintings and Divine Light symphony are beautiful and inspiring examples of NDE after effects.

Discover the connection between near-death & music.

Find out how to tap into profound flow states.

Expand your understanding of the creative process.

Explore the relationship between intuition and music.

"Don't cry for me, for I go where the music is born."  

Johannes Sebastian Bach's last words


Physician and classical pianist Tony Cicoria had no interest or aptitude in music until the day he was struck by lightning and died.

Dr. Tony Cicoria

Dr. Tony Cicoria was a renown orthopedic surgeon with a very busy practice who had no interest, time or talent for music until he was tragically struck by lightning in 1994. The bolt was enough to kill him, but he was soon resuscitated after  having a powerful near-death experience.

Soon after his NDE, Dr. Cicoria developed a sudden craving for listening to classical piano - Chopin, in particular. He began studying piano and soon developed a level of mastery that was astonishing. This led to his performing on stages across the world and recording several CDs of his original music.He was profiled in neurologist Oliver Sacks' book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain (2007). Tony has several CDs, including Notes from an Accidental Pianist and Composer.

Kevin Braheny Fortune

Kevin Braheny Fortune is a true Renaissance Man. He is a multi-instrumentalist – sax, flute, clarinet, oboe, guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, and percussion.

He has been a session musician and recording engineer for over 40 years working with many greats including Miles Davis, and has been a composer for over 45 years.

He’s been involved in leading-edge electronics, prototyping and building his own synthesizers and other electronic goodies, and contributing to the building of at least seven studios in L.A. and the Bay Area.

Kevin is a Space Music pioneer whose music is heard on hundreds of radio, Internet, and television programs world-wide, and has added his musical mastery to hundreds of recordings.

He has been a featured soloist on many albums by Paul Avgerinos including the Grammy-winning "Grace."

At the same time, he has had a parallel career in the healing arts as a bodyworker, a Tantra teacher, author, and counselor.

He is also a gifted intuitive. 

Kevin’s plans for the future are to continue to "channel" the “hidden messages” through music, writing, presence, and joy, and to make them available to the world.


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