REINCARNATION with Guest Expert Dr. Mark Pitstick, MA DC

Dr. Mark Pitstick Answers Your Questions About Reincarnation & More

(1)  Why is it so important to learn anything in an earth-based reality if it's not "who we really are?"  If we're supposedly perfect, why must we learn or grow at all?  I'm not even sure that there is a purpose outside what we decide it is.  Or is our purpose assigned by something else?

Such deep and important questions!  I’ve searched for sensible, evidence-based answers to such questions for 45 years since working with many suffering and dying persons. 

We can learn and grow while experiencing the field of all possibilities from a non-earthly observation point.  It’s reported to be easier to learn lessons while seeing without human brain induced myopia.  

However, the density of the earth experience – while operating under the illusion that we are separate, lose loved ones, die, and other false notions – can deepen growth.  Being on this planet is a great testing grounds to see how we do when ‘the rubber hits the road.’  Learning lessons in metaphysical realms is akin to reading a book about how to play tennis.  Experiencing reality as an earthling puts you on a court with a racquet in your hand. 

Put another way, developing more love, compassion, and strength of spirit can be greatly aided by the challenges of this world and its seemingcruelty and chaos.  

 Like you, I’ve heard it said that we each are perfect in some sense.  In my worldview, we each have the potential to grow...

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