This month's edition of ASK RAYMOND addresses many themes based on your unanswered questions from December 8th's webinar.  Among them is the nature of evil. In the video above, hear what Melvin Morse and I have to say about forgiveness of the most heinous of human acts.

Why Do Some People Forget?

What about people that are brought back and have no memories of an afterlife?

There are many theories about this ranging from the kinds of medications people receive in the course of treatment that might affect memory, or the parts of the brain that are damaged that might make retrieval of the experience difficult.

It might be as well that some people do not have an NDE and this is a phenomena evident in only a portion of the population.

Lisa Smartt has begun research in neurocognitive pathways and profiles that might predict who will have or remember NDES, but I am less inclined to investigate things in this way.

I consider how another dimension might interface with our own and am more interested in the notion of event boundaries and discontinuous realities. That is, there is a layering of dimensions or experiences, like an Escher painting, in which mutltiple dimensions can co-exist and certain shifts allow for our entering and exiting different realms.

Negative NDEs and Hell

Most of the people who talk about their NDEs describe a peaceful experience and having felt an overwhelming sense of love, something that a Christian might call “heaven; "  others, however, have described an intensely scary and unpleasant experience. What has...

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