Jul 26, 2019

What if, one day, you opened your mailbox only to find a crisp and clean, beautifully colored postcard that included a heartfelt message addressed to you from someone you dearly loved but who had passed on into the unknown tomorrow?

Wouldn’t that just be crazy?

Your postcard’s communication would be one-sided (postcard pun intended here!) short and lovingly sweet. Its imagery on the other side of the card would certainly be visually stunning, maybe symbolically familiar but definitely heartfelt.

Don't you think such would excite your senses, invigorate your spirit while manifesting a healing vibration within your heart?  How profoundly transformative and uplifting such an experience would be... if it were only possible.

So often we hear about and read about others experiencing signs and synchronicities that appear to demonstrate evidentially how the living spirit within each of us, that conscious part of our identity self, lives on beyond the human temple which has fallen away. 

Are these persons merely gullible optimists or truly deluded automatons following the afterlife trend? Not only do both types, from atheist to fanatic, have access to a reality of higher spiritual truth, we all do.

You see, for tens of thousands of years humanity has been aware of both physical and sensorial signs around them that lead one to consider how alive the spirit world is around them. Ancient holy texts document such experiences; even modern day media discusses the many curious signs that our loved ones (and yes, our pets too) do live on in a different form in the next...

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Jan 18, 2019


Can you speculate, along with the research you've done, about what happens to consciousness with the passage of time (and by passage of time, I mean time here in the physical). 

Do you have an opinion about whether the consciousness of someone who's died goes through changes of any kind that make it no longer possible or desirable to make "contact" with those still living?

Learn more with Dr. Melvin Morse during his SCIENCE of NDE live webinar on January 26th from 1-3 pm. Scholarships are still available for those who cannot afford the  $15 registration fee.


Melvin L. Morse MD is a pioneer of near-death research, especially in children. He did the first "gold standard" prospective studies of NDEs after cardiac arrest at Seattle Children's Hospital and has numerous publications in the scientific and medical literature. He applies the lessons of the NDE to his research in the neuroscience of spirituality, applied remote viewing, energy healing, meditation and personal transformation. His organization The Recidivism Prevention Group utilizes spiritual tools to facilitate the ex-incarcerated's re-entry to society. 
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