La Famiglia e gli altri sulla strada verso la morteĀ 

Sep 30, 2019

All right, yes, I am in an Italian mode today.  I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with it, even if not for long (though you may have to put up with me longer).  Besides, it’s good to stretch your brain every once in a while, and at this point in my life, it’s about the only part of my body I can stretch without its hurting.  In any event, if you’re not up to doing the translation, you’ll see soon enough where this is heading.  Right now, it’s to my mother who was not Italian, though when she was young she was as beautiful as a madonna in a painting by Raphael.

However, by the time she was close to the end, her beauty had long been gone and she was eager to get on with it.  At that point, I thought I might be of some help to her, but as you’ll see, I was left only with a rueful smile after my mother responded to my offer to advise her about what she would be in for when she died.

My mother had a sad life and a long and slow descent toward the edge of the cliff of her death over which she toppled at the age of almost 89 in June of 2001.  Her last years were spent in a nursing home in Berkeley where, until her last year or so, I was accustomed to pushing her around the neighborhood in her wheelchair.  She was, however, lucid to the end, even though she was by then hard of hearing and generally very passive.  She did not like to be touched, and mostly she was taciturn, too.  I tried to entertain her by recounting my latest adventures and sharing family news.

“You talk too much,” she said to...

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Aug 30, 2019

These days as I cope with a condition I have sorrowfully come to realize is one from which I shall never recover – I am referring to old age, which I don’t recommend (though I am still searching for a reverse gear on eBay) – I have come to realize that I am also living on a kind of island.  Around me are the waters of my own incapacity comprised of all the things I used to enjoy doing or at least could do that are now off-limits to me.  Mostly the terra firma of my daily life is located in my own home and the nearby bike path where I still occasionally saunter, sometimes with a tread of steely determination, though more often with a sullen trudge.

Even at home, where on occasion of an evening, I entertain myself with a movie on streaming video (praise be to Netflix and Amazon Prime), I am reminded of my island.  For example, when I see a film that is situated in a city abroad, I am aware that I will never see one again and even if I could travel there, I couldn’t deal with the crowds and the hurly-burly of swarms of pedestrians.  And with my poor vision, I would be a candidate for my instant demise if I were ever able to attempt to cross a busy intersection. Can you imagine me trying to traverse the streets circling the Arch of Triumph on the Champs-Élysées?   Monsieur Magoo would soon be a pancake.

Most men my age, or at any age, might amuse themselves with a hobby of some sort – woodworking, golf, having a clandestine love affair, etc., but being Jewish I have never been clever with my hands.  You know...

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Aug 13, 2019

Dr. Debra Diamond has written several blogs for us and also shared her insights during our NDE FORUM 5 about the aftereffects of NDEs based on her research, summarized in her book Life After Near Death. She is not only a researcher but is also a psychic and medium. In today's post, she answers : What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?


People are often confused about the difference between psychics and mediums. This is complicated by the fact that all mediums are psychic - but not all psychics are mediums, and that sometimes both psychic and mediumship readings are offered in the same session.

Since I am both a psychic and a medium, I’ll describe the differences to you.  They involve different responsibilities and a different set of skills.

The Difference Between Psychics and Mediums

Here’s the difference between a psychic and a medium:

A psychic retrieves information about such things as relationships, career, money, love, life path, and health. Psychics may also use their skills to receive information about a sitters’ past, present, future, or all three. They may do this by using a variety of tools including tarot cards, astrology charts or runes, or they may employ alternate methods of divination such as scrying or reading auric fields.  Some psychics, like myself, do not use tools, since I receive the information spontaneously. Psychic readings may offer guidance, insight, a fresh perspective, or approaches for dealing with challenges.

Mediums are different than psychics. Mediums are about the...

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Aug 06, 2019

Today, we’re hosting journalist and author Alicia Young, who joins us to share an excerpt of her book Visit from Heaven: A Soul’s Message of Love, Loss and Family. Alicia recounts her transformative out-of-body experience in which she was visited by Bobby, the soul of a little boy. He had a powerful message from the Other Side for his grieving parents. We’re also offering copies as giveaways (see link at the end). Alicia, over to you.


Thanks for this opportunity, Dr. Moody and Lisa. And thank you, too, for reading the book yourselves. I’ve selected a few passages from early chapters. I also welcome questions at [email protected].



This is not the book I set out to write; it is the one I feel compelled to share.

I don’t say that from a point of ego, but from a place of service. I offer this experience for the comfort I am told it brings others.

You see, I’d initially planned a book on a different topic altogether. Yet even as I began to outline that other title, something else kept gently nudging its way in: an experience I had some years ago. I resisted; it persisted.

I was reluctant to put my name to even a lightspiritual book. As a journalist, I had always kept my faith and work separate. I was trained to report a news story in such a way that you as a reader, viewer, or listener could take it on its merits; my personal opinions were deliberately sidelined.

I tied myself in knots trying to preserve my privacy in writing this book, as I was certain it would finish my career in journalism. (It still might.)...

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Aug 06, 2019

The blind receive sight and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up.  

 -- Matthew, 11:5

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.

-- Helen Keller

A middle-aged man, with a paunch, is sitting on a doctor’s examining table waiting anxiously for the doctor to return with the results of his latest examination. 

The doctor comes in, looking solemn.

“I’m afraid it’s your body,” he intones.

I am that man. Surely Yeats did not have me or my body in mind when he wrote his immortal lines, “things fall apart, the center cannot hold,” but they are apposite, I’m afraid.  Somatic entropy is icumen in.

I don’t want to bore you with a list of my various infirmities and debilities since I already regaled you with those woes in the very first essay in this series, which I wrote in December, 2017.   I’m tempted just to write something along the lines of, “suffice it to say, they have all grown worse.”  But I will resist that temptation if you will indulge me for a few moments in order to give you some specifics.  Besides, as usual, I have an ulterior motive for mentioning some of them, which will shortly be revealed.

To begin with, I now list.  That is, these days when standing or walking, I am no longer an orthogonal being. Instead, following my political proclivities, I tilt to the left.  Generally, I am not aware of this...

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Aug 01, 2019

These "columns" are reserved for community members who want to submit reviews, experiences or reflections. This review is by Margaret Coles who is already written in very lovely post some months ago. Thank you, Margaret!


A Review of  Bonnie McEneaney's Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11


This is a story of events leading up to 9/11 and after. Bonnie's husband Eamon, died in The World Trade Centre. Bonnie tells the reader she was almost immediately
in touch with other 9/11 family members. They had many spiritual
experiences to share. They described that their loved ones were like her husband  Eamon who  had begun to feel in the summer of  2001 that he would die very soon. 

McEneaney discussions also revealed that others felt their loved ones were trying to make contact from across the veil.

She says that many of us belong to organized religions where we are taught to believe in a Higher Power. Although this may be so, whenever there might be signs, we can be
doubtful. We may think it  imagined, desired, or "perhaps I am not in
my right mind." We often need and want  more proof, but this book offers more than just proof.

A good many denied these synchronistic events that it seems in
reading this, could not have been more convincing. Throughout the book
so much evidence is witnessed and experienced, one example: at the
memorial service, a thin white powder drifted down over two widows
seated together. They looked up but could not see where it came...

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Jul 31, 2019

Lisa Smartt's excerpt about after-death communication comes from her book Words at the Threshold.

Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Adam Duhan.******************

High-Tech Talking

Accounts of communication from the dying and the dead have been recorded throughout time and cultures. Our modern-day ac- counts now include this new twist: text messages. The following account sent to me by Debbie Ribar comes from her sister-in-law Joanne Moylan Aubé:

My father passed away last January while I was sitting out- side with my mom (miles from the assisted-living facility). My brother was by Dad’s side at this time, because Dad was breathing heavily and nearing the end of his life. He was not conscious. While I was sitting peacefully in my brother’s backyard, my iPhone made a noise similar to Siri’s beep- ing response. I looked at the phone and saw a text, which showed up as though I had written it. It said, “Was leaving heavily might be just wind and downy might be ready to go bad that I like pneumonia now maybe get tired I’m down I’m going to be around anymore.”

I freaked out and called my brother, who was as shocked as I was by this message. After reading it over and over, I determined it meant: “I am breathing heavily now

and might be winding down. Might be ready to go now. Feels like pneumonia. Maybe getting tired. I’m down and am not going to be around anymore.”

My dad has never texted or understood iPhones or technology and was clearly not conscious in the sense that we know. I don’t know if he had terrestrial help, or if...

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Jul 29, 2019

Lisa Smartt shares an excerpt about after-death communication  from her book Words at the Threshold. Dedicated to the memory of Adam Duhan.


Do not cry too long,
let that laughter of your love illuminate the skies,
for I will always hear you

— Automatic writing inspired by my father

When I first set out to do final-words research, I had no intention of writing about or researching afterlife communication; however, since people of all walks of life shared their stories of compelling synchronicities with me, it became clear to me that any discussion of words at the threshold would be incomplete without at least a brief look at these accounts. The ones I’ve included here reflect only a small portion of the stories shared with me. In fact, many more people experienced some kind of communication after death than I had ever imagined.

Bill and Judy Guggenheim’s After-Death Communication Project, which was founded in 1988, reported having received thousands of accounts of after-death communication. Julia Assante, in her book The Last Frontier, writes, “The percentage of people re- porting contact with the dead in surveys ranges anywhere from 42to 72 percent. Widows having contact with their deceased hus- bands can go as high as 92 percent. If the surveys had included children and deathbed encounters, which are extremely common, the percentages would have been even heftier. A whopping 75per- cent of parents who lost a child had an encounter within a year of the child’s death. But a sad 75 percent of all those who had encounters...

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Jul 26, 2019

What if, one day, you opened your mailbox only to find a crisp and clean, beautifully colored postcard that included a heartfelt message addressed to you from someone you dearly loved but who had passed on into the unknown tomorrow?

Wouldn’t that just be crazy?

Your postcard’s communication would be one-sided (postcard pun intended here!) short and lovingly sweet. Its imagery on the other side of the card would certainly be visually stunning, maybe symbolically familiar but definitely heartfelt.

Don't you think such would excite your senses, invigorate your spirit while manifesting a healing vibration within your heart?  How profoundly transformative and uplifting such an experience would be... if it were only possible.

So often we hear about and read about others experiencing signs and synchronicities that appear to demonstrate evidentially how the living spirit within each of us, that conscious part of our identity self, lives on beyond the human temple which has fallen away. 

Are these persons merely gullible optimists or truly deluded automatons following the afterlife trend? Not only do both types, from atheist to fanatic, have access to a reality of higher spiritual truth, we all do.

You see, for tens of thousands of years humanity has been aware of both physical and sensorial signs around them that lead one to consider how alive the spirit world is around them. Ancient holy texts document such experiences; even modern day media discusses the many curious signs that our loved ones (and yes, our pets too) do live on in a different form in the next...

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Jul 21, 2019

We are delighted to post this overview of after-death communication (ADC)  by Bill Guggenheim, whose extensive research into ADCs has offered important insights in the field of consciousness studies.

© 2019  W.G.III. 


Is there life after death?

Will we be reunited with our deceased loved ones when we die?

Can they communicate with us now?

            Hello From Heaven!  A new field of research ~ After-Death Communication ~ confirms that life and love are eternal  by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim was published by Bantam Books, New York, in 1996.  We, the authors, founded, defined, researched, and named an entire new field of human experience that may be as old as mankind.


             An After-Death Communication, or ADC, is a spiritual experience that occurs when someone is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died.  An ADC is a direct experience because no psychics, mediums, therapists, rituals, or devices are involved.  And an ADC is a spontaneousevent because our deceased loved ones always choose when, where, and how they will contact us.

         Research History

          During our seven years of research, we interviewed 2,000 people, who were living in all 50 American states and the 10 Canadian...

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