Oct 28, 2019

An event took place here in the United Kingdom at the end of this school year in
July. I read in the online Daily Mail the report of a young student
attending a Catholic School in the County of Surrey.

The time was leading up to summer break and children of 14 and 15 years of age were waiting at the local railway station to go home. So there was a lot of excitement, I imagine,  about their plans for the holidays. But beneath that anticipation, stood a boy who to all seemed to be going along with the flow, but he handed his bags/books to a mate and stepped down onto the railway line and laid down.

Panic and distress set in, and his pals begged him to get up, but he stayed 
where he was and the train went over him. A wave of shock rolled across the onlookers. A young woman who I understand had First Aid abilities, stepped down to investigate. What she must have seen made the blood draw from her face so that she was utterly pale, and  her petite hands were shaking.

When investigations took place, it revealed that this young man had been

I reacted strongly to this report and wrote to the Headmaster.
Of course, he may not have read it until return of the new school year,
but no note of thanks for my thoughts and prayers. Was it because he was
so inundated with reactions himself or my commiserations were not
appreciated, as I had learnt of this in public press? I thought too of
the "bullies." Are they sorry for the events they triggered into play?
Are they and the witnesses being supported and counseled?

This is such a trying world we live in, and the rate of suicide seems to rise every
few months. I tried to end my life in my early teens. Knowing what I
know now, I am thankful that my aims were not fulfilled. A good deal, I
believe, of shootings are a subconscious intent to be in the firing
line, so that the perpetrator does not have to bear any more of life. 

But of course, others join the exit and our friends of light and love
have more to care for and guide than just the initial one or two. More
and more publications are coming out to back the purpose of our intent
and actions, that we are introduced to a plan that may well be totally
abhorrent on face value, but looking at these scenarios one cannot help
but ponder, like the maze path, we only learn through bewilderment,
until as we near the centre, all begins to make sense.

It is amazing that we offer ourselves on the altar of self destruction, so that it
opportunes others to enact a scenario which will either save us and or
offer a window for others to learn by. So many are involved, from every
spoke of the wheel, too.

Think of the varying personalities who would be witness to this, how the nightmares would cause upheaval on all the sensitive wave lengths that make us up as beings. My word, we certainly give the angels plenty of responsibility to uphold us with God's love. I give thanks for them, tirelessly, lovingly obedient to the call of service. It calls upon us to live within the field of awareness, once we
realize the larger commitment of every action, word and thought, well,
that makes way finally for clarity and growth.  

What I am saying, and let me add that I did not intend to put this
angle, it just got typed out; is that, let's say a scenario of some
disturbed soul, who may if the chance was taken to question  would
tell you that he is weary of his life.

Perhaps he has had an upbringing of poverty, cruelty directed towards him, drugs could be involved. There comes a point this person will want to end it all.

So not all creep away and end their lives in the darkest corners, perhaps of an abandoned building or outside the crowded city, the intention is so prevalent tied
in with anger, resentment, envy, that they have to demonstrate once and
for all, that "they" exist. "This is me, being so because of - whatever
happened to them" which could have stemmed from the very pit of darkness
that enmeshed them.

So what do we do to bring a little light into the lives of those who are so disturbed in these trouble times?  Well, it begins with ourselves bringing and living in the light and sharing our messages of what is possible for each of us. It also means that each of us must taste the darkness and fully understand it so that when we see the suffering of others, it does not go dismissed. And we must, of course, listen to the children and the teens to hear the rumble of their discontents before they are shattered beneath the rumble of a train.


Love to each of you

Margaret Coles, a community member of The University of Heaven




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