Nov 15, 2018
My first recollection of a conscious experience takes me back to a time of sitting in my pram. I was born February 6th, 1940, so this witnessing must have been the second summer of my life.
As the habit was to place baby in a pram in the garden, I was strapped in safely and as I looked up, I could see little smiley faces within the branches of the Lilac tree. I also noticed next door's Sunflowers which if the sky clouded over, they would droop. Since then, they have always been my favourite flower.
I was brought up to attend our local Anglican church, from morning service with Communion, Sunday school in the afternoon and Evensong at six pm. Then at the age of eighteen, I attended Baptist, then Pentecostal churches, but after a year, because my Mother had some most vital evidence from a medium, I switched to investigating Spiritualism.
This caused my evangelical friends to pray for me most earnestly and I was warned of the Devil! When, however, I was told by another medium I came here to contribute to the "Age of Aquarius" entering in, I did not completely understand but "knew" I was due to be involved in something most important.
In February of 2019, I will be seventy-nine and until now it has been a roller coaster ride, from many angles and my spiritual experiences are tied up most tightly with practical, emotional encounters, some, which might say were mistakes.
This could be true, but it is not all cut and dried is it? Many times, although it does not seem so, these mistakes can result in being of service to others.
My first most prolific experience was an NDE. I was an unmarried mother and expecting my third baby. Labour had gone on from early morning and still not delivered at midnight. Eventually when my little girl was born, I did not get a chance to see her as I lost consciousness, which hours later I learned was from an extreme haemorrhage. Instead, I found I was looking down and across the delivery room watching a group of nurses and the doctor, obviously struggling to deal with this sudden emergency.
I did not feel emotion of any kind.
How long this went on I cannot say, but suddenly, I seemed to hear my older children crying for me. The next thing I remember is I had come to and the day Sister standing by me, stating that "We nearly lost you!"
My further spiritual experiences, well, all of life is that, is it not? But a good many are entered into a very basic level, encounters, accidents! It is only looking back we recognize as such. As well as rearing my now six children, I can recollect many encounters. Example - In my late twenties I experienced heavy periods which laid me low every month for days at a time.
I woke one night seeing a purple glow by my side and standing there was a nurse, attired what I imagined to be a 1940's uniform. She was running her hands up and down my right side.I questioned her as to what she was doing.
"Just lie still. I am trying to help you."
After a few minutes, she left me and walked around the bed, stood by my husband. I asked her to move forward, so I could see her more clearly. But she gradually receded into the alcove and disappeared. The monthly discomforts ended then until after the birth of the following baby a year or so later.  When I told my mother, she said it sounded like a visit from a community midwife she had when having my sister all those years ago. 
In 1972, I began a twenty-five year stint working with the elderly and younger patients with multiple sclerosis. When caring for the latter in a Cheshire home, I would see colours around those who were either prepared or not near to death.
On night duty, I would hear whispers outside the rooms and see movement. Other staff were aware at times, too, but afraid. Working in a private nursing home was my first job and my first encounter of death was gazing at a lady who had died at four a.m. I had only washed her down the evening before and she, indeed was doing poorly, but we did exchange words.
I looked at her and thought, "Well, here she is, but where is she?"
A medium at our local church at the following Sunday service, reminded me of those thoughts. That story does go on, too long for full details, but another lady patient died only a day or two later from a stroke. She was a most unhappy, demanding and sour character. When she died Matron and I were giving her a bed bath, I witnessed this lady leave her body and "Lights" escorting her away.
Another medium described her so accurately and said that this lady was asking for prayers. Because of her ill temper she was unable to "lift" away from Earth's atmosphere. So when I got home, I disappeared upstairs and prayed most fervently for her release.
The next Sunday, she returned with her guide, and gave a most fervent thanks. She said, "I can now fly as free as a bird." Her name - Mrs Bird! 
Other types of evidence: Have you ever seen, faces of the departed in a blank television screen? Well, I have, with my Mother and Grandfather as witnesses. We saw Granddad's wife and my father, that lasted for three weeks! There is a story I can tell in fuller form than I will today.
Rose, the mother of my then lady partner in the early nineties, had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. She told her sister she was "waiting for God." The month was May, 4 a.m. The birds were beginning to sing, streaks of light slowly appearing.
As I sat opposite her bed, all was quiet, a lull in the conversation with Rose's daughter, I witnessed the most exquisite colours around her head:  blue, purple, silver, gold and pink. Rose passed at seven a.m.
There is not a week that goes by that I am not given information about others' state of health, physically and emotionally.
One could call it perception and I always seem to be given the right words to say, which is received with incredulity and thanks. I have seen an Angel, a beautiful gold being standing before me one afternoon in my sitting room.
Another summer afternoon. I awoke from a snooze, looked across at a row of houseplants which were placed under my picture window. I began to observe dozens, it seemed, of little lights bobbing up and down over the plants. I kept quiet, watching this phenomena with open mouth, so to speak.
Then I said, "Oh hello!'' The lights stopped in their tracks, you might say. Whoops, she has seen us. In ones and two, they gradually disappeared. What about that.? I have witnessed brilliant coloured orbs flashing as fast as a tennis ball across the room, stopping suddenly at the window.
Perfumes too, will be encountered,  of flowers, as I did yesterday for over an hour: Roses and Freesias.
In 2009 I attended a three day course with Felicity Warner, Soul Midwife. She is a most loving and gifted woman and has contributed towards compassionate and palliative care on a spiritual level into the next age.
Well, that is all I have to share today of some of  the illuminated things I have witnessed in my life. Hope to hear about yours as well some time.

  Margaret with Soul Midwife, Felicity Warner
Margaret lives in the United Kingdom and loves gardens and spending time with her family.
If you have an experience you would like to share, please send it to Lisa at [email protected]  .



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