Heaven is Here Today

Sep 24, 2018

Today is one of the most exciting days of my 74 years because I have great news to share: 

The University of Heaven has launched...and we are delighted that you are a part.

The University of Heaven offers paid and complimentary opportunities for exploring  near-death, shared-death and after-death research through live events and pre-recorded courses with those at the leading edge of consciousness studies.

On OCTOBER 30 7-8 pm ET, I will be presenting IM CONVINCED a free webinar that explores the rational reasons and astonishing accounts that led to my only recently conceding: Indeed, consciousness survives.

Register here for I’m Convinced to find out more about the five-decade journey that has led me to conclude that there is an afterlife.


On November 13th  at 7 pm ET, our six-month seminar series, The NDE Consciousness Forum, launches with our first forum The Mindful Universe with Eben Alexander and Karen NewellOther forums will feature  Jeffery Olsen, Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll, Dr. Melvin Morse, Kevin Braheny Fortune of Hearts of Space, Dr. Tony Cicoria, Dr. Mary Neal and Dr. Rachel Harris.

For much of my life, I have been the subject of interviews across the world. And now, I look forward, to being the one asking the questions to some of the world's most interesting and well-informed researchers and thinkers in the area of consciousness studies. Join me for interviews and interactive experiences with these leading-edge thinkers at the frontiers of spirituality and science.

Do you have a book idea but lack the experience or resources to move forward? Colleague Lisa Smartt offers a book consultation service on the website described here. Lisa Smartt is the author of Words at the Threshold, Veil, and Cante Bardo and has offered me creative inspiration and editorial assistance over the years. Currently, she is working with me on my new book God is Bigger than The Bible. Lisa is a kind, patient and insightful person and editor, whose career has focused on writing, researching and teaching writing to adults.

Paul Perry, NY Times bestselling writer, co-author of several of my books, and documentary maker extraordinaire will also be contributing to The University of Heaven through his monthly post, "The Afterlife Explorer", named for his website that offers some of the most highly acclaimed and critically important books  in the field of afterlife research.


An excerpt from Paul’s documentary The Light Beyond is featured on our home page. Paul’s column "Afterlife Explorer"  launches tomorrow. Expect to be informed, surprised and elevated by his writing and films. 

Thanks to all of you for supporting my work over the years. We hope that The University of Heaven illuminates your life.

Please let us know of your special requests, questions or concerns by emailing Lisa Smartt at [email protected]  .


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